Sunday, January 27, 2013

Professional Patterns

Last Thursday I got together with Margaret to do some outfit pictures at work. It's really just turned into an excuse for us to get together and hang out. I happened to be dressed a little nicer than I normally do for work, so it was perfect. I wear dresses to work only occasionally since I sit down most of the day. Pants are better for me to sit in because I tend to sit crossed-legged (a.k.a. Indian style for the politically incorrect) in my desk chair. I do like to get fancy sometimes though! This particular dress was in my very first StitchFix order (post about it here). I've actually worn it quite a bit, and I love pairing it with this fun jacket, another StitchFix score!

Dress- Many Belles Down (via Stitch Fix)
Jacket- Ark & Co (via Stitch Fix)
Tights- Express, forever ago. These tights are resilient, y'all!
Booties- Target
Leaf Earrings- Etsy (shop no longer open, unfortunately)

Did I mention that this dress has pockets? It does, which makes it pretty perfect in my opinion. Margaret also took a photo of me in this outfit to use for her column in the local paper. She does a "style watch" kind of thing, and I'm so honored to be in it! I just cancelled my paper subscription though, so I probably won't see it unless my mom saves it. Actually, I'm sure I'll see it because every other time I've been in the paper, I've gotten a couple of copies from friends. If I do get it, I'll add it to this post later! 

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. I got to cheer my friends on at the zoo run yesterday, which was so much fun! They dressed up as penguins for the race (don't worry, I got pictures and I WILL be posting them). I also just enjoyed spending a lot of time with my closest friends. Alanna tried to take me to a vintage store she found, but it didn't open at the time it was supposed to so we missed it. So sad! But it gives me an excuse to go back to Nashville soon :)


Diana Mieczan said...

That dress looks stunning on you, lovely and I adore the shoes too. Such a great colour! Happy Monday morning. xo

cb said...

I love this outfit on you and it looks great with those shoes too! if i could i would totally sign up for stitchfix!

alicia said...

werrrrrrk! i would shatter my ankles if i even TRIED to wear those shoes!