Saturday, January 12, 2013

Something New in the Lens Department

The main point of this post is to show off my darling Dudley. Isn't he precious? He sits in that papasan chair pretty much all day. Except when I'm home, he sits next to me on the couch (like he's doing right now). Anyway, last week I got a 40mm lens for my camera. I got rid of my 50mm 1.8 because I had it for a long time, and I was just ready to try something new. There's not a whole lot of difference with this one...but it's nice to be able to get just a little wider! I do feel like it might be a tad sharper, especially if I'm far away. I took some engagement portraits this morning, and the full body shots I took with the new lens are as sharp as with my really high end lens. This never happened with the 50mm!

I hope you've all had a great Saturday! I had a couple of photo shoots this morning, had a run and did some thrift shopping with Paige. It was a great day! I've also been watching a LOT of Parenthood. I just started the second season tonight, and I'm hooked. Are any of you into that show?


Marsa said...

your cat is beautiful!
and your saturday sounded amazing :) i love thrift shopping <3
can't wait to see your photos from the photo shoot!

Polly Bland said...


my mom has a cat named Spook who kind of looks like him!

love, polly :)

Dus Katrina said...

you cat is so cute, reminds me of a fit version of my own little (big) black cat hehe. beautiful pic of him, interesting the diff lenses do w/ angles and such, not something I would've ever thought of a a year ago even.