Sunday, May 27, 2012

Naples in May

I just realized I haven't posted ANYTHING from my trip to Naples. It was sort of a business trip, so I didn't get to explore a ton, but it was a good trip! On the first day, we just enjoyed a little beach time, and attempted to watch the sunset. Unfortunately the sunset was blocked by clouds every night we were there. That didn't stop us from drinking in the beach air though!

That evening we also went to a meet and greet thing and I got to wear my new dress from Jennifer Lilly Designs on Etsy! Rhett took the picture with my ipod, so the quality is bad, but you can see how cute the dress is, right?

The next day (while Rhett was in meetings) I got to go on a "dolphin" cruise, which was mostly a "look at all these huge houses in Naples" cruise. I took pictures of some of the houses, and they were nuts! Not that I begrudge those people the money that they have, but I don't understand why people indulge in those huge houses that they only spend one week a year in. They also tear houses down to build bigger ones pretty a competition or something. I don't want to get into all that, but I just think it's pitiful. They do happen to be pretty though, so here are a few that I saw!

 This is what a 50 million dollar bachelor pad looks like

We did actually see some dolphins! They were fun to watch. We saw several from our little perch on the beach as well, so they must be pretty active around there. The dolphin cruise was fun, and when we finally got back, we had a nice lunch and enjoyed the rest of the day relaxing.

My favorite part of the trip was probably sitting on the balcony and reading every morning. That's my favorite thing to do at the beach. We headed home a few days later, and spend a loooooong day in the car/plane. I was glad to be home, but I really enjoyed the break!

One day while we were there, I went for a run and took some pictures along the way. I'll do a post about that as well. You'll get to see some more houses (smaller, but with cooler details) and some beach running. I hope you all get to go on a vacation sometime this summer. Everyone needs a break now and then!


cb said...

what a great getaway! it looks perfect! i find just sitting on the beach for a vacation is the best way to unwind. i love that dress on you. i have her on my favorites and have been eyeing dresses on there but then when i want to purchase one, they are always sold!

alicia said...

next time you have a "business trip" please take me with you - i'm good at business! <3