Monday, May 7, 2012

Rare Animal Print Sighting

Animal print is something I am actually quite fond of, but I hardly ever wear it. I have the skirt in this post, some zebra print tights, and a sweater with all kinds of crazy animal stuff on it. Other than that I just admire it from afar. I have a good friend who just LOVES leopard print. She's one of my bridesmaids, and I think she'd be tickled if I chose leopard print dresses. Sorry, Libby...that ain't happenin'.

sweater, ring- thrifted
skirt- TJMaxx (Adrienne Vittadini)
watch- UO
boots- Fred Flare

I set up the pictures in my "studio" upstairs. As you can see, it's pretty jankity, but it works! What I really need is some hardwood floors, a background stand that isn't broken, and good background paper. I bought the background set-up before I learned that you get what you pay for. Luckily I didn't skimp on the lights though.

Back to the clothes...I got that skirt when I was in Cincinnati for a conference. It was in the sale section at a TJMaxx, and the print+metallic combo made it impossible for me to resist. You can't see it really well in the picture, but it does have gold threads in it, so it's quite shiny. I'm like a child in my love of shiny things. I'm immediately drawn to the heavily sequined, shiny threaded items. Maybe everyone is, I am just one of the few who actually picks them up and buys them. Shiny may be gaudy, but I love it. The shinier the better!


cb said...

i adore a great animal print and the skirt is really really cute on you! you can always get pergo (fakewood and the spelling is probably wrong) and just set it up a bit around your studio instead of installing it in the entire room. also what about sheets? the thrift store always has a ton of them and you could pin them to the wall to make it tight so there are no wrinkles? not sure if any of those ideas will actually work but hey.

alicia said...

jankety! best word i've read all day. also, i'm on team leopard bridesmaids! <3