Thursday, May 10, 2012

Suzani Inspired

I'm not certain that this top is in fact inspired by suzani, tribal textile made in Central Asia, but that's what it reminds me off. Maybe that with a little Mayan design with the simple, thick shapes. Either way I love this shirt! I got it a long long time ago at a Gap outlet, and I wear it pretty often (as you can tell from the fading). I don't love the ruffle on the front, but the pattern kind of trumps that. Even though my taste in clothing changes constantly, I always seem to enjoy a busy and colorful pattern.

shirt- Gap, old
earrings- Etsy 
sunglasses, jeans- Target
shoes- Marshall's
bag- clothing swap

Goodness I love my new sunglasses! I never spend much on them because I tend to lose/scratch all my sunglasses. I bought these at Target a few weeks back, and so far I haven't destroyed them. Keep your fingers crossed for me not to lose these, because I really like them.

P.S. Thanks for the pictures, Margaret!! For real, friends, you should check out her blog. She's really got a way with words, that one!


cb said...

LOVE the print soo much! The glasses look great on you too!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I love the whole outfit - and the purse gives just the right touch of color! I'm like you with sunglasses I love them but don't ever spend too much because I often lose them!


oooh, it is kind of mayan inspired. i can definitely dig that. i do love a nice & wild print. xo.

Alison said...

Great Bag! such a beautiful color

his_girl_friday said...

Beautiful yellow purse!