Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wedding Talk: Venue

I don't plan on bombarding you all with wedding posts, but since my blog is pretty much just about my life, it's bound to be on here a tad. For this, the first post about my wedding, I wanted to show you all the venue! The very first wedding that I ever shot was at the home/farm of a couple of professors at the university where I work (see the photos here, remember, first wedding, not-so-great shots). I was just shadowing a photographer, Heather, who I continued working with after that because she's pretty awesome. That place has stuck in my mind since then, and I knew I had to at least look at it as an option.

Rhett and I ventured out there this past weekend and had a look around to refresh my memory on the space and give him a first look. He could not possibly care less about any aspect of the wedding. He cares about the food, I guess, but that's all. He's not a fan of weddings, but I'm just going to pretend he is. He's great about humoring me and letting me ramble about wedding stuff! Anyway, I'm getting off topic...so the venue. I took a few pictures of the barn where we'll have the reception. It's a working horse barn, so it's not reception-ready inside at the moment. I promise you it'll be cute though! The shot above is the side of the reception area, and if the weather is good we'll have those windows open.

This is the front of the barn. That huge door will be open and guests can wander in and out of there. There's plenty of space to have everyone indoors, but if it's a nice day, I'm planning to have some seating outside as well. There was a wedding there last year on the same weekend as my wedding will be this year, and lucky for me Heather was the photographer! I snagged a couple of her shots from that wedding to post here so you can see what it will sort of look like.

Some of their seating outside with the horse stall windows open

Bobbie and Nathan's ceremony was gorgeous! I think the hay bales are an incredibly cute idea, but I'm planning on just doing chairs. I'm not really going for rustic, so the hay would be out of place for me. Bobbie really pulled it off though! I love the curtain set up at the back of the ceremony, and I definitely want to do that. It would be nice since the walk from the barn to the lake is long, I could ride up in a car and pause a second behind the curtain before everyone can see me.

I've still got a lot of planning to do, but I feel like things are coming together in my head!


Emma Litton said...

Yay, wedding things are so exciting! Congrats on being engaged by the way!! That place looks lovely!


cb said...

i love the space and the pictures of the previous wedding there are great! i think it is perfect for you guys! can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

The pictures of that place/wedding are gorgeous! And you should post all kinds of wedding related stuff if you want - it's such a huge day to prepare for :)

xo, Samantha

Krystal said...

that is a beautiful location!

Unique Weddings said...

Nice place for wedding venue. Congratulation to you guys.

Diana Mieczan said...

The location is simply stunning and I love the idea of an outdoor wedding. The place is really perfect! Happy planning, sweetie.

Kindra Leomiti said...

Well, it's okay if you flood us with your upcoming wedding posts. Besides, those pictures are certified eye-candies and very interesting to see, especially on the postcard-like beauty of your chosen venue. Just continue planning and your dream wedding will definitely come true.