Monday, April 9, 2012

Kelsey Joins the Etsy Club

Well I finally got around to helping my roommate open her Etsy shop the other day! She had already opened one up, but she hadn't put anything in it, so we got it all set up together. I seriously LOVE her pots. She's great at making things fun and colorful without looking haphazard. If you like pottery, you should definitely check her out. We're hoping to add some more things soon!

Since Rhett will be moving into my house when we get married, I won't be living with Kelsey and Paige anymore, and I'm starting to get pretty sad about it. I mean, yeah I'm SO STINKING EXCITED to be married and live with Rhett, but it will be a big change since I've had roommates for so long. The three of us don't hang out constantly, but it's always fun to have them around (except when they wake me up...HA!). We go on outings to the store together, run together, do yard work know, just roommate stuff. I guess that's life though. Change. I'm just glad we'll still all be in the same town so we can hang out!

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britni @ Antika Moda said...

Very Cute!! Best of luck with the shop!! :)