Thursday, April 5, 2012

Signs of Summer

It really starts to feel like summer is near when my azalea bushes bloom. The bushes are in my jungle mess of a backyard, so they are sort of my secret treasure. When I'm working up in my studio, I absentmindedly glance out the window all the time and the pretty blooms make me happy. I wish they stayed in bloom longer, but in no time my crate myrtles will start to come out! I'm also hoping my year-old hydrangea bush will have several blooms this year too. I need to get some more colorful things planted, but I am not the best at getting around to yard work (if you can't tell by all the pine needles).

I don't know who made that ridiculous tree/bush bed in my backyard, but we do not share the same taste at all! Pine trees? I mean really?! THAT'S what you want looming over your house? I guess I get it, pine needles help keep weeds at bay, and it's nice to have some shade. I just think there are other more attractive trees that would have been fine there...and maybe just one, and maybe one that doesn't make your gutters look like they haven't been cleaned in 10 years. The azaleas, I like, and there's a Japanese Maple that you can't see that I adore, but I wish I could take everything else out. I also wish I could hire a landscaper, but that's an expense I can't justify.

outfit details:
top, necklace- Express
jeans- Target, best $12 I ever spent
ring- thrift store way back in the day
shoes- Gypsy Warrior

I found these shoes via another blog a while back (sorry, I can't remember what blog!) and I definitely impulse bought. I love them! I mean, I can't walk just crazy well in them, but I sit at a desk all day, so it's fine. I just think the colors and the pattern are fantastic, and it'll be a fun way to spice up some of my more plain outfits. And don't they look so pretty with the pink blossoms?! I had to take some pictures of the bushes alone just so I can remember how pretty they are from time to time. I wish I could make them last all year.


Chrissy said...

Those bushes are beautiful and your heels are amazing! xxx

cb said...

favorite outfit post ever! i love it and the flowers are all so beautiful and i want those shoes!!!!!! they are incredible! so very jealous!

Patricia Worley said...

The picture of your profile against the blossoms is breathtaking!! And I'm in mad love with those shoes. I wish I worked at a desk still sometimes just because I've recently learned that shoes are great, and heels are great, but they are not so great when you're doing a lot of walking.

This is my first visit to your blog and I am in love!! New follower. :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOUR SHOES. And these photos in general. This is a great post.