Friday, April 13, 2012

A New Addiction: Stitch Fix

A few weeks ago, I saw a post that Kaelah did about Stitch Fix, and I was really intrigued by the concept. You basically fill out a survey on all of your style preferences and sizing, then they put together a box of 5 items for you. You pay a $20 styling fee up front, and if you buy anything in the box that $20 goes toward the total. If you don't end up keeping anything, you're basically just paying for the experience. I love the element of surprise with this! I was on the edge of my seat waiting for my box to arrive and I couldn't even wait to properly set up my studio for pictures before I started snappin' (thus the short backdrop and inclusion of my messy area).

Amour Vert: $58

I was a little surprised to see some pink-ish things in there since I definitely specified that I don't like pink. I think I also mentioned that I wanted to branch out though, so maybe that's why they included it. The pink tiered tank top was adorable, but I can't see myself wearing it much, so I'm not going to keep it. It had such great movement though! I wasn't into the black and white striped tank at all. I think if the stripes were thinner, I might like it, but it looked horrendous on me (especially when I was making that awesome face).

Many Belles Down griffin collared dress: $75 (look this designer up! So many cute dresses)

The dress was my favorite thing! It's the only one I'm considering keeping. Maybe you guys can help me decide. What do you think of it?! Obviously it needs to be ironed, but I love the black on the collar and the pockets to break up the delicate pattern. It makes it just the right amount edgy for me, since I don't like to dress super girly. I'll have to wear a tank under it since it kind of hangs open (I work at a Christian university y'all...gotta keep myself covered up). I will also probably wear tights with it because it's thin, and I don't want to risk a flashing. I think it would be cute to wear to one of my bridal showers though! Ok, in writing this post, I'm talking myself into keeping it.

The other clothing item was these red shorts. They are SUPER cute, but just not me. I don't wear shorts all that much, and this material was so thin that I'd feel exposed wearing them. They're also dry clean only...which means they would stay dirty forever, and that's just gross. The tie was adorable though. I had it in a bow, but the dancing around made it come undone. There was also a pair of plain geometric gold earrings that I didn't photograph. I'm not keeping them, since I have about a bajillion pair of earrings. They were also $60 and I don't tend to spend all that much on jewelry unless it's really really special.

Overall, this was an AWESOME experience. The profile was so easy to fill out, and I feel like they had a perfect amount of my normal style mixed with some out-of-the-box pieces for me. I did the lowest price point, and I'll probably keep doing that since I don't make a lot of money. I firmly believe you can dress well on a budget. In fact, some of my better pieces of clothing have come from thrift stores and clothing swaps. If any of you would like to try out Stitch Fix, click here. It's a referral/invite from me, and hey if you end up doing it, I get credit toward my next fix! Win/win! If any of you do decide to get a fix, let me know. I'd love to see what you get. :)


cb said...

what a super awesome idea! i love it and it seems like a lot of fun! i may need to try this out! love the red shorts and your face in that picture :D

Lynn said...

After being accepted I don't think I'm going to go through with it. I'm scared that I'm going to fall in love with something I can't afford. I don't like spending more than $50 on clothes.