Friday, February 24, 2012

Windblown Look Gone Bad

It's been windy y'all! I mean WIIIINNNNDYYY. You know that crazy whooshing sound it makes when it blows by a window? It's doing that constantly right now, and it's kind of terrifying. I feel like the building is going to start swaying any minute. Yesterday, I helped out with a photo shoot for our graphic designer. Our regular photographer is at a conference, so I stepped up to bat. We did most of the shots inside, but then decided to try to get some outdoors. Let's just say it was not a success. We did get a couple that work, but since almost everyone in the shoot had some amount of hair on their head, they were looking a little windblown...and not in the cool sexy way.

I was not even playing...a huge gust of wind came and blew me off the rock I was standing on.

 This is why I'm learning to sew... I'm tired of trampling all of my nice pants that are too long!

I'm actually scared to brush my hair after all that. I just wore it wavy today so I wouldn't have's going to be brutal when I do. Do any of you have long hair? I have found that Redken Anti Snap works pretty well in decreasing tangles, but I still usually have a ton to brush out. I'm just really lucky I don't have a tender scalp! When I was in high school I really wanted my hair to be as long as Rachel's in Friends (this season), and I think I surpassed that. Someday I'm going to cut this mop off, but for now, I guess I do enjoy having long hair, you know...for the windblown look.

I thrifted this sweater last weekend and it's GREAT! The texture is so neat, and I love a good navy basic. I wore it with the fun belt I got from Sarah Louise, because I thought the colors looked nice together. I'm kind of a huge fan of gold with any outfit..

sweater- thrifted (I love the texture!!)
pants, earrings- Express
shoes- Old Navy


Stacey said...

i don't know about gone bad-looks like you're having fun to me!;-)

Anonymous said...

Looking ever-so-graceful in these photos! Just like Rose in the Titanic when she stands on the edge of the boat with Jack and that perfect sunset shines on their faces as Celine Dion music slowly creeps up in the background. JUST LIKE THAT.


cb said...

ha these are so cute! i love your belt oh so much! have you heard of the video from will smiths little girl called i whip my hair back and forth? seeing these reminded me of that for some reason. hehe. i hate combing my hear period, since it is so wavy, i gets pretty knotty and is a pain to comb throw so i just ignore it or just spray in some detangler. ah hair woahs.