Monday, February 6, 2012


The other day, I busted out the dress that I wore to college graduation. I picked it out (from Goodwill) for the event because it's red, which is my university's color...well actually our color is called "Cardinal" but let's face it, it's red. I haven't worn it much because it was a bit tight, and I didn't like having to worry about ripping a seam. I didn't feel like wearing any of my clean shirts, so I grabbed the dress to wear. It wasn't tight anymore so I was pretty excited.

Since it's sleeveless, I jumped at the chance to wear a blazer. I have so many blazers, but I hardly ever wear them! Why not? I don't know, because I LOVE THEM. A few things:
  • 1. I'm no longer letting my hair be so unruly and ridiculous. I'm fixing it every day now...I'm tired of it getting stuck in seat belts and under my water bottle and inside my bra. It's just got to stop.
  • 2. Less than an hour after these pictures were taken, I broke my toe...and I still wore those shoes the rest of the day. Call me crazy, or call my brave...I prefer brave. The toe was injured in a relatively low-key game of office kickball, if that tells you anything at all about my clumsiness.
  • 3. LOOK AT THEM CALVES! I know most people don't care to have athletic calves, but I like it. 

I think that's all the things...I will probably have more outfit posts from now on, so I hope that's alright! My friend Margaret and I are going to start trading photos, so from now on, my pictures will probably improve because I'll be taking a little more time on them.

dress- thrifted (Goodwill)
blazer, tights, necklace- Express (necklace was a gift from my sweet friend Emily)
dry scaly hands- courtesy of industrial strength bathroom soap


cb said...

i love this outfit on you! i call your SUPER brave! how is it feeling? i hope a little better! also love that necklace too! you look so great kristi!

lucia m said...

love it!!

Bre said...

As I reading, I was thinking that dress is not tight. I am lost?! Ha ha. You look great in red, I mean cardinal. Your necklace rocks too!
I am SO SO SO sorry your hurt your toe. I broke my toe once and it was a bloody mess. So I can't believe that you kept wearing shoes let alone heels. You are fierce!