Monday, February 20, 2012

400th post: Neon Lights and Broken Toes

Guess what, you guys?! This is my 400th post! I can't believe that I've got 400 blog posts in this, how time flies. It makes me feel so special that you folks have kept coming back even after 400 of my ramblings. Thank you from the bottom of my big 'ole Southern-girl heart!

shirt, pants, necklace: Express
jacket: Walmart (!)
purse: thrifted
watch: Urban Outfitters
left shoe: Marshall's
right shoe: Convenient Care, a steal at $20. 

This was the very first outfit shoot that Margaret and I did together. She just asked me that morning if I wanted to do a shoot right after work, and since I wasn't wearing sweat clothes, I figured why not! This was during that time that I was wearing a post-op shoe for my broken toe, and I thought maybe I could start a trend. 

Post-surgery shoes are all the rage right now, didn't you know? Did I even tell you guys about my broken toe? I don't remember...and I'm way too lazy to look back in the archive, so I'll just tell you anyway. It all started with a pretty mild game of office kickball. The OUC (our office) was dominating, and I was IN.THE.GROOVE. No way was I NOT going to sprint all out between the bases that were dangerously close to the wall (you see where this is going...) So I left second as fast as I could go, and planted my foot on third. Of course if you don't want to get tagged out, you have to leave your foot on third, and thus stop the motion of the rest of your body without leaving the base. My method of stopping myself in this instance was to slam into the nearby wall. Awesome.

It's been about a month now, and the toe only bothers me if I wear tight shoes. Luckily it was only really bad for a few days, and I was mostly walking normally after about a week. So that's my story! Riveting, right?

Thanks for sticking with me, through thick and thin, for 400 posts! I love you guys!


Milena said...

Pretty, I really like your watch. :)
With love Milena xx

cb said...

yay 400th post! way to go lady! loving the post surgery shoe, HOT! hehe. i hope it is feeling better!!! i love your jacket! yay to another 400 posts!

alicia said...

congratulations on 400 posts! i also love left shoe/right shoe.

Diana Mieczan said...

Fantastic, sweetie. Congrats on 400th post and your bag is sooo cute! Happy Wed! Muah