Thursday, March 10, 2011

office baby shower

One of my co-workers/office-mates is about to have twins! Well...his wife is about to have twins. Anyway, Sarah and I decided to host a baby shower for them at the office. We just invited all the folks in our department (males included) and had some yummy snacks. I think we did a pretty good job putting it together! Here are some pictures from the decor, which I was in charge of.

little banner I made out of some doily things from Hobby Lobby

Sarah arranged the stuff. It looked so pretty!

After the shower, Scott convinced Kelly to let me take a couple of photos. I just used a modeling light, and I really like how they turned out! They aren't planning to have more kids (this will make 4), so this was the last chance to get some belly pictures! Can you believe there are twins in there?! I honestly think she looks great to be so close to her due date and with two in there. 

Congrats to Scott and Kelly, and thanks for letting me and Sarah practice our party-throwing skillz on you!


Maxabella said...

What an amazing little party - my work does nothing half as special as that!

The photos are stunning - she will be so pleased! I can't believe there are two in there. She is carrying very well indeed. Good luck to Scott and Kelly on their new adventure!! x

Whimsically Random said...

Thats looks like such a cute babyshower.. love the doily decorations and the baby belly pics are adorable!!!

Holly said...

This looks like a great shower! You did an excellent job with the decorations. And mama has SUCH a cute belly!

cb said...

you did a fantastic job!!! i am sure it make both of them sooo happy! you are such a sweetie!

congrats to the happy couple for having twins!