Tuesday, March 15, 2011

dior sweater

I couldn't resist putting this picture on here. The look on my face is absolutely ridiculous! But anyway, Paige and I dropped by Goodwill a while back and I just so happened to be having a good thrifty day! I ran across this Dior sweater and snatched it up as quick as you can say "holy-lucky-thriftstore-score!" Not only is the color incredibly vibrant and beautiful, this thing is softer than a baby's butt. It's a bit big, but I happen to like my tops to fit big, so it's perfect. You can't see the texture very well in these shots, but it's really interesting. It doesn't look like it would be soft, but it definitely is.

I decided I would try to be funny and wear this to the Oscars party that I went to (what are you wearing?! Dior! ha...yeah not that funny). It wasn't a fancy shindig or anything, just some folks getting together to watch the show. We all filled out ballots, and I learned that I am terrible at predictions!

top: Dior from Goodwill
belt: Etsy, gift from my honey
pants: Target
shoes: Marshall's (Franco Sarto)
...obviously I'm a bargain shopper :) 


Oh, My Darling said...

Wow, what a satisfying thrifting find!

St├ęphanie said...

I adore !

Abby Ott said...

OH MY JOSH YOU DID NOT FIND DIOR AT GOODWILL!!! i am secretly so jealousss!!! but no so secret, really...

margaret said...

Dior?!?! In Jackson?? Dear me that's amazing. And can we talk about how great that belt is?

Laras H. said...

I loveee that red Dior sweater!! And the belt too! Wanna have it :3