Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Be Our Guest

Backstory: I don't know if I've mentioned it, but I work at a university (an awesome one). Every semester the SGA hosts an event called Be Our Guest where students sign up to go to a faculty or staff member's home for a home-cooked meal. Well since I'm a staff member now, I decided I wanted to host!

My roommate Paige was also a student and now works at the university, so she and I co-hosted. We had 6 people sign up, and our other roommate and student, Kelsey, joined us as well. It was so much fun! We decided to do omelets since that's something a little out of the ordinary. That first picture is of the menus that I wrote out for everyone.

Cooking mushrooms for the omelets. I found that apron in my Grandma's box in the attic <3

Paige putting jam in her cute jar from Rudolph Clay Studios

goodies for the omlets

I put some daffodils (my favorite flower) in the dining room

Shinae filling out her menu

Shinae thought her omelet was good, so she gave Paige a pretty big hug. Shinae kind of epitomizes the word adorable.

While everyone waited for their omelets, the guys played Sorry! It helped keep everyone occupied while Paige slaved in the kitchen. It also helped us avoid the awkward staring across the table when the conversation dies. I definitely think having board games was a good move. After dinner we played Scene It (without the dvd because I lose EVERYTHING). Paige and I ended up playing against the 4 boys and we totally owned it. Winners! 

It really turned out to be a great little dinner, and I'm glad we had a mixture of people we already know and some people we didn't. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and I think I'll definitely host again next year.


cb said...

this looks like sooo much fun! and yummy omelets! you looks so cute in your apron too!


Megan said...

That was so so so much fun! So glad you documented. Pictures are great!