Friday, March 11, 2011

The Coggins

Since my last post was baby related, I thought I'd go ahead and post these photos from a maternity shoot I did. I filled in for Heather* because she had just had her own little babe!

The Coggins' first child showing us where his new baby brother is!

the new baby's name

This shoot was supposed to be outside, which I much prefer. It turned out to be very windy and cold, though, and we didn't want to postpone because she was due any day. I am pretty happy with how these turned out all-things-considered. What do you guys think? Isn't big brother the cutest little boy ever?! 

*speaking of Heather, I don't know if I've ever written about Cedarway on my blog. It's pretty appalling actually, because Heather and Cedarway are a big part of who I am. When I was in school, my photography teacher hooked me up with Heather, who was looking for a photographer to possibly shoot with her at weddings. I shot a few alongside her, then I started solo-shooting weddings for her company, Cedarway. I worked in the office with her a lot while I was still in school. If it weren't for all the work I've been able to do with Cedarway, I would definitely not have the knowledge that I have now! If you have a second, check out the Cedarway site here. All the awesome shots are Heather's...with a few of mine sprinkled in :)  Heather, if you're reading this, thank you for all you've done for me!


Heidi Jane Blankets said...

Love it, she's so round! I was more watermelon with my second and third.

cb said...

they turned out great! i love the one of the him touching mommies belly and the one with brennan blocks! did you a great job!


Krystal said...

those are such adorable photos...and it sounds like she is a great person!

wintergurl said...

The baby's shoes very cute . May God bless the Family