Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Botbyl Pottery

A few weeks ago (right before Valentine's Day actually), my roommates and I went to a local gallery for a Valentine's Day pre-sale thing. Our friend Eric runs the gallery, makes awesome pottery, and teaches pottery classes there. It was fun getting to see all of his work and even work from some other people we know! All of us bought a cup, and my mom joined us after a little while. It was a nice Saturday afternoon spent with friends, and here are some pictures from the day...

 my friend Amanda's jewelry set-up. She's so talented! I'm hoping to set her up an Etsy shop someday

 Kelsey and Paige talking to Eric (the gallery owner)

 that mug is MINE now!

 I just love his work. I really want that big serving platter...maybe someday. 

 This is more of Amanda's jewelry

 my lovely, lovely mommy looking at some earrings

 Kelsey, me, Paige, and Eric 

 it was SUCH a pretty day. We had to get some roommate shots :) We all look a little insane in the 2nd one!

the gallery is a part of this great winery. It's seriously one of the most gorgeous places in this area!

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cb said...

awesome pottery! that is something i would love to try again!

love that earring display too!

you three are way too cute! love the last silly picture ;D