Saturday, July 10, 2010

Weekend Shopping

I've been shopping quite a bit lately, but something has changed. I used to have a bad habit of buying things I didn't need....well I still do, but now I usually find better deals! I stopped by the antique store down the street again yesterday (same place I got this stuff), and it was a GREAT trip!

I went to look for camera since I found a good one last time and I found another one! This is the second one I've gotten from the early 60s lately, so I'm pretty excited!
I cried when I saw this (not really...but drama is good entertainment). It's a Christian Dior night gown and I think it's so beautiful! I have no idea what year it's from, so if you know I'd love to hear! I had been wanting a nightgown anyway so this was fate.
Farmer's market! Hooray for fruit...the black berries turned out to be really bitter :( But I'm still going to leave them out for a little bit as decoration. I might be able to salvage them in a cobbler with a ton of sugar...just maybe.

Happy Saturday to everyone! Enjoy this lovely weekend <3


Ally said...

Your blog is so painfully fantastic! Just in case you didn't already know :)

Emma said...

that nightgown is gorgeous! i don't blame you for crying when you saw it, i would have too. :)

Giovanna ♥ said...

adorable photos! your blog is so lovely!
Boho Market by Giovanna

cabin + cub said...

Great finds! And hooray for summer fruit... one of my fave things about summer! ;)

chelsea rebecca said...

that camera is INCREDIBLE!
so wonderful.
and those black berries look like perfection!

Taj Acosta said...

Hey doll, that is a great camera you found! Lovely blog :) xoxo

jozen said...

ohmygoodness!! those find are incredible. i would have cried if i saw that nightgown as well... no drama there!