Monday, July 19, 2010

"Grunge" Inspired

My shoot with Natalie. This was a personal project, that was sort of "grunge" inspired...less the 90s Nirvana grunge, and more the messy hair scene kid grunge. I wanted gritty, raw, black and white...and I'm pleased. I couldn't bring myself to take the color out of the last one though.

Also, a side note: these were taken at my Papaw's old house. It's been abandoned for years, and I hate that it is just sitting there rotting. I wish I could fix it up, but I think it's beyond help at this point.


Wild and Precious said...

super fun photo shoot! you for sure achieved your gritty, raw, kid grunge!

Jen said...

Seriously, these photos are brilliant! Real and raw and just the way I like 'em.