Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trading is Fun!

On Etsy, lots of sellers like to trade. I have done two trades now, and both have been wonderful experiences! Story:

Last week (Wednesday) I was having the most horrendously (actually a word) awful day. 1. Miranda had fallen through the attic floor, luckily not breaking any bones know...dying. 2. The garage door broke, yes BROKE. The silly thing falls apart all the time. 3. I went to a funeral that night (friend's grandmother) and left my purse at a Chickfila in MEMPHIS!...well Collierville, but still not where I live. They got my number and called me to come get it, but OF COURSE my $60 in cash was gone. (As a side note, thank you MOMMY for driving me all the way back to get my're the best mommy ever!)

*sigh* so anyway I was just ready for my I mean that end. When I got home I dragged into my bedroom to find a big white box on my desk. "What can this be?!" I thought...Well, low and behold, it was my package of goodies from lovenestdesign, my fellow trader. It definitely lifted my spirits and brought me back down to Earth. There's something about opening a package that just erases all the bad things that are going on.

Amber packed all kinds of goodies up for me, including some awesome miniature cows that she's letting me borrow to do a custom photograph for her! I'm hoping I'll be able to get around to that very soon, and I'll be sure to post it here for everyone to see. But I'll stop rambling and show you some of the stuff I got:

I was definitely feeling Western when I picked out the tumblers and the tea cup. I LOVE them! She sent the cool little slushie earrings as an extra. How neat are they?! I haven't gotten to wear them yet, but I know I will soon.

Thanks for enduring my story, and I hope you're all having a stellar weekend!


MeredithW said...

Love the slushie earings! They're adorable :)

Krystal said...

booo on your stolen money :( :( glad things turned around, packages are the best!

the moonchild said...

cute cute! damn garage door!


Melissa said...

What fun trades!

Anonymous said...

:) glad that you had a happy ending:)

chelsea rebecca said...

etsy trading?? HOW FUN! thats awesome.
and so sorry about your bad day.. thats never good. but i'm glad it ended okay!

Holly Embry said...

I'm so glad that your package came just in time to lift your spirits! It's funny how that works. Sometimes, life gives you exactly what you need to be happy. Also, I LOVE trading. I've had nothing but good experiences.