Monday, July 12, 2010

It's all in the DETAILS

I went rummaging through some wedding photos from the past few years, and I realized how many great ideas I've gotten from shooting weddings! I'm not married or engaged, but I plan to someday, so getting ideas this early has been pretty great. Here are some that I love...

I LOVE the idea of having a cupcake tower. It's so much easier and more fun than a traditional cake...and totally kid-friendly! I also love little wedding favors. I'm not sure what kind of favor that I'd want to give out. I'll have to keep thinking on it...

Centerpieces are so important! They really set the mood of a wedding. I loved this one that was a tall cylindrical vase with calla lillies in water. Absolutely stunning! Another thing I loved was the mason jars surrounded by petals. I think I'd prefer milk glass, but jars are cute too.

Colors! This is actually from an Indian engagement ceremony, but I love the idea of having lots of color at a wedding.  I adore paper lanterns (obviously...because I have one in my office). They create a great atmosphere, especially for a wedding.

This wedding had cute little lanterns on the tables and brown paper to write on. Guests wrote sweet messages to the bride and groom on the paper. I thought that was a really neat and personal alternative to a guest book!

Probably one of my favorite ideas involving food is putting fruit in these raised glasses. The different heights look beautiful, and fruit is already a great display food.

I really enjoyed going through some of my old photos.   
I'd love to hear some of your neat wedding ideas!


heidi adnum said...

Some lovely ideas there. I especially love the paper and lantern.

Pretty Little World said...

One of the cutest ideas that I ever came across was using vintage egg cups as tiny little vases to adorn the tables at a reception. It was inexpensive, a sweet vintage touch, and made the tables look wonderful!