Wednesday, December 21, 2011


In my last post, I mentioned that I got to go visit Shepherd's Haven a couple weeks ago on my day off. At work we get our birthday off, but we can take that day whenever we want, so I decided to take mine a couple of weeks ago and drive to Memphis! Of course my first stop was Shepherd's Haven.

This is Elizabeth, my friend Emily's sister. She's the reason I even got involved with Shepherd's Haven. I love that girl! It was so nice to see her and chat with her while she painted ceramics. I'm totally her favorite :) I also got to meet some of the newer Shepherd's Haven artists while I was there. Joy and Angelica (below) were just a couple of the sweet new faces.

It was just fantastic to get to visit! It always rejuvenates my desire to keep running their Etsy shop. I know how important it is to keep that place going. It means the world to all of those wonderful people.

After I left there, Emily and I went to eat lunch and shop around for a couple of hours. I always enjoy visiting with her, no matter how short the visit is. We ate at Firehouse Subs, which was amazing! I'd never been there, and I was so impressed. I wish we had one in my town!

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cb said...

kristi, that is just so awesome! i love that you help run their etsy shop and that you went and visited. a great time for togetherness. i used to volunteer when i had more free time and i would love to do more. you have inspired me