Monday, December 12, 2011

Critiquee Becomes Critiquer

 Scott critiquing a student

If any of you have been in art classes, you know how important critiques are! It's when you get to show off your hard work and hope that your professor/client has good things to say about it. It's good to get some constructive criticism (that's kind of what it's all about), but you definitely hope for more positive comments than negative.

Since I work a little bit on graphic design at Union University (and the other designer was out that day), our creative director asked me to go with him to a typography class critique. This is one of the things I love about my job! It's actually not that uncommon for me to get to participate in other aspects of the campus. It just makes work so much more fun to be able to contribute in other places. For this class we were critiquing the chapel guides that the students made for consideration. They do this every year, and it's always kind of fun to see what they come up with!

students presenting their chapel guides

Our favorite was the one from the girl on the left. She did some drawings of places on campus and made a great collage of these places. That attention to detail and her nice layout really impressed us. I think the Spiritual Life department will definitely pick hers.

I really enjoy getting out of the office and doing fun things like this. I'm thankful every day that I was able to get this job! It's really a great place to work, and the people I get to work with are pretty alright :)

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cb said...

your job sounds like so much fun. i loved critiques as nerve racking as they were but it was nice to see everyone's work together.

Stacey {CreaShines} said...

This totally makes me miss art school! Thank you for sharing your cool experience, you have such a cool job miss Kristi ;)