Thursday, December 8, 2011

Clayton Family

We got snow AGAIN yesterday! It's been kind of surprising to get snow twice already this winter, but I'm not complaining. A few weeks ago, I took some pictures of some friends of mine. I'm lucky that a lot of people I know actually want me to take pictures for them. The extra income helps with my Etsy addiction :)

Braylen was NOT wanting to get his picture made that day, but we did manage to get a couple of good ones. I took these at one of my favorite Jackson locations, Casey Jones Village. There's so much there that you can get all kinds of backdrops! There's also usually a good amount of shade on sunny days (like this day) so I can still get decently lit pictures.

I hope you're all enjoying your week! I think I'm might take part of today off work and go visit Shepherd's Haven. There are a couple of new things I want to pick up, and it's actually a nice day.

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cb said...

what a cute little family. anything to help with etsy addictions is a good thing :D
i am so addicted to etsy, just bought a really awesome sweater, i can't wait to get and wear! it has ducks on it!!!!