Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Team Emmett

I completely forgot to post this when it actually happened, but as it turns out now is a better time to post it. Team Emmett is a support system for a man named Emmett Stallings who has been battling cancer since February of 2010. The team has moved passed just being supportive and now raises funds for awareness, research and support for people fighting esophageal cancer.

One of their fundraisers this year was a 5k, and since my friend Libby goes to church with the Stallings, she got me and our friend Emily to run it with her.

Emily, Me, Libby pre-race

In the last week, Emmett has had to cease chemotherapy and they are either getting ready for hospice care or have already started that. I'm not sure of all the details, but I know that the Stallings family is dealing with some intense change right now. They are still hoping for a miracle, and I honestly do believe that miracles happen. I pray that God sends one their way!

*UPDATE 6/9: Emmett passed away this morning. Even though I didn't really know him, I feel so sad about the whole situation. All I can do is just pray that his family is comforted during such a rough time.
Despite the sadness that surrounds the situation, the run was very enjoyable. There were so many people out there to support the Stallings, even his 90(?) year old Grandmother. She was such a doll! It's so wonderful that out of tragedy, Team Emmett has formed to raise funds for such important research. 

Emily got us shoe necklaces

us with the Stallings (Emmett on the right)

Emily and me at the starting line

 Emily, me, Libby running in. Just for clarification, Emily and I had already finished which is why i have water and a bagel.

 Emily's mom (Susan), Libby's mom (Ruth), me, Emily's sister (Liz), Emily, Libby. Some of my favorite people in the world!

that was the best bagel I've ever had...probably because I was starving

After the race we got cleaned up and went out for lunch. We ate at a place called Vittles, then went for frozen yogurt at yummy Sweet CeCe's. 

It was a great day with friends, and it was great to spend the morning outdoors for such a great cause.


cb said...

what a wonderful cause to help support! i really want to do the cancer ride but it seams so steps i think! i used to do the aids walk every year but for some reason stopped..maybe i should pick that back up!


LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Such a wonderful cause & community support, Kristi!