Saturday, June 25, 2011

Atlanta in the Rain

About a week ago, Rhett and I set off for Atlanta to see a Braves game. I bought him really good tickets for his college graduation present. The "really good tickets" part turned out to be a terrible idea, but we'll get to that later.

The drive there seemed REALLY long for some reason. Of course we got some road trip eats, including Rhett's favorite: Tijuana Mama pickled sausage. Gross, right? I did eat a couple of's not too bad, I guess. We finally got to Atlanta and got to enjoy plenty of their notorious traffic. Luckily we planned on getting to the ballpark crazy early, so it wasn't a big deal.

Welcome to Turner Field! This place is awesome...definitely the best ballpark I've ever been to. We got there so early so we could make sure we got our Jason Heyward bobbleheads! It was beautiful out when we got there, so we just enjoyed lots of time together in our awesome seats.

This is what happens when I try to take pictures of us with my 50mm lens.

This is where things took a turn for the worst. As you can see...a storm rolled in. A little bit before the game was supposed to start, they tarped the field. Once it started drizzling, Rhett and I took shelter at a picnic table in the stadium. We saw there until it started raining/hailing sideways on us, then we had to move again. How wonderful that I splurged on the tickets, right?!

After playing with the hail and waiting around for a while, we finally had to break down and buy a couple of slices of pizza. It was outlandishly expensive, but we were starving.  Miserable rain and hunger would make for a doubly grumpy Kristi. Anyway, the game finally started at about 8:30. Honestly, it was a pretty crappy game. The Braves were not playing well, so I was a little disappointed.

I think it was after the top of the 4th that they had to delay the game again. At that point we decided we should should leave. We'd already been there since 5 anyway, so we were tired. The bad part about that was that we had to walk back to the car in the rain. What an adventure that was! I was wearing a tank top and shorts because of course I just knew it would be unbearably hot. On the contrary, after it rained it dropped like 20 degrees.We jogged as far as we could so I could warm up, and that made the rain a little more bearable. 

Despite that terrible game and all the rain, we actually had a great time together. That's the kind of thing that really reassures me that Rhett and I are right for each other. I love that we can have fun together no matter what.


cb said...

your seats are great! that is no bueno that it stormed!! eek how crazy!! but glad you still had a great time, it is the time that is shared with loved ones that makes life perfect!


alicia said...

i used to have knee socks with the braves logo on them. i bought them because my name starts with A. i had no idea they were associated with the braves until i got hit on by a braves fan...

Hollie said...

aww, that sucks! But at least y'all had a fun time together. :]