Sunday, February 13, 2011

things i like: IKEA

I'm so sad that the weekend is over! It's been a pretty productive one too. Saturday I got some pictures edited and visited a local potter's gallery for his Valentine's show. I got an awesome mug! I will share some pictures soon :) I also watched a couple of movies, and today Paige and I spent 3 hours cleaning out our cars. And that's JUST the inside! It feels so good to have that done.

Since I am too lazy to edit those pictures from the gallery, here are some things that I love from my last visit to IKEA:

This couch is very likely going to be in my house someday, possibly with a chaise at the end. 

I love the corner couch, but the boy isn't a huge fan, so I think we'll stick with the traditional sofa!

This desk with all the shelving is a DREAM! I love shelves...I wish I just had shelves all over every wall in my house. I have an awesome oak secretary though, so I won't be buying this desk. It's just fun to look!

Love the side tables on this bed! 

I really like the design on this dresser. And the white front is perfect!

I adore the pattern on this rug. I don't have an area rug....maybe someday! I do have hardwood floors, so a rug might be pretty nice.

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Diana Mieczan said...

I love Ikea and that L-shape sofa is amazing. I love the colour. Happy V- day sweetie

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Oh IKEA. I know how you feel. I walk into that store and my eyes go crazy with all the beautiful eye candy around :) That rug is amazing!

nesha said...

lol I love Ikea too. it's a lovely place to wander around pretending the rooms are yours!

b. said...

i hate that couch (but in denim), it is a great couch (although my boy is dreaming of the corner version - he thinks it would be good for napping!), i'd recommend it :) i love that patterned rug too :)


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT. I've still never been to an actual store! Gah!