Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blue Raspberry. Flavor of Champions

I am sitting on the couch watching Rugrats. Yeah.

Since I am being lazy tonight, I decided to make a treasury on Etsy. I made it based on blue raspberry, which is basically the best flavor of sucker EVER. I know, I know, it turns your mouth blue, but it's a small price to pay. Here are some of my favorite picks for the blue raspberry collection:

soap by FairEarthSoaps

necklace by iheartnorwegianwood (I have one of these!)

print by SuncatArt

sunglasses by thevintageholicfrog

You can see the whole collection here
Now get off your butt and go buy some Dum Dums! I know you want to :)


Stacey said...

Loving that necklace and the print is so beautiful!

Lily said...

wow, the necklace sure is pretty! And the glasses are pretty awesome, too :)


cb said...

i love your treasury!! the colors are great!!


Holly said...

You've got a point- it is a pretty amazing flavor.

larasss ♥ said...

Prettyyy necklace! <33

Check out my blog please? Thanks :D

b. said...

love blue raspberry! i used to buy the suckers at my school tuckshop and subsiding on them when i needed inspiration, and my what good inspiration they have given you! i love all these picks :)