Thursday, February 10, 2011

emily takes us to IKEA

After catching up on sleep from our long drive, Stephanie, Miranda, and I accompanied Emily to IKEA for breakfast and some serious shopping. Emily and her hubby have made IKEA a Saturday morning tradition since moving to Charlotte. Isn't that sweet?! I don't know many men that would go shopping with their wives every weekend. He's just that nice of a guy :) He knows how much Emily loves her some IKEA! Well, I think he was happy to hang back and watch some sports while we girls had an outing.

We made it in time for breakfast, so we enjoyed some really cheap food before shopping.

We had to get a group picture. Usually some nice stranger offers to help us out. Either we looked like we were managing alright, or no one really cared to help us. ha! I did notice that people don't pay attention to each other in Charlotte. Everyone sort of had a bubble around one smiled or said good afternoon like we do around here. It was a little bizarre, but I actually like it!

It was a very successful trip! I got some great things for the house...including some curtains that I will have to debut on the blog at some point. I also managed to resist buying furniture! That was partially because I set a budget and partially because we had to drive back with 3 people in a Yaris.

We didn't eat the hot dogs, but I was glad IKEA had the courtesy to let me know that the one pictured wasn't actual size. A 10' long hot dog would be pretty terrifying.

I love these girls <3. Still more NC posts to come! I'll show you some of the other stuff in the store that I resisted...but will probably go back for at a later date :)

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cb said...

i have never had breakfast at ikea but i LOVE there hotdogs and soft serve ice cream! you can get lost in that store!


b. said...

boy and i have had some great random trips to ikea, if we see one we can't quite help ourselves if we see one! and we always manage to squeeze into some snacking :)


She Can't Decide said...

I have been dying to get to an IKEA for months now...itching even more now...