Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have two things that I want to share today! I was going to try to pick just one and post the other later, but I don't think that will satisfy me. Sometimes I just need to get things out RIGHT NOW! So here goes...


The U.S. release of Adele's 21 album was today. I ran by Best Buy at lunch and got it. WOOO! I had already listened to it on NPR, so I knew I loved it, but there's something about holding that cd in your hand. It's so exciting! I am not a writer or a reviewer, so I'm not going to try to describe the music...just listen for yourself. Here's the video for her first single off the album:


I had my 200th sale in my Etsy shop today! I was lingering around 150 a couple of weeks ago, but when I was in the Etsy Finds one day, my sales picked WAY up. Reaching a mark like that is just an incredible feeling. I still remember opening my Etsy shop and not knowing what in the world I was doing. My shop has gone through a ton of dry spells, but I didn't let that stop me. I just kept promoting and hoping that someday it would catch on. It seems like it really has! Since I've been selling more, I've been way more motivated to make new work...so I'll probably have more images soon. I already got a new one up last week, called Salt Lick!

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has supported me through buying, commenting, and encouraging. I appreciate you guys so much!


Mary said...

Congrats, that's amazing! I hope to have my 200th sale in my photography shop soon as well, yay! I did remember seeing your work in the Etsy finds. Great job. :) Mary

cb said...

congrats on 200th sale! i hope to get there some day!


M.M.E. said...

What a wonderful achievement! Your new picture is exquisite. I love the color choice for the background. And where on earth did you find such tiny deer?

Lisa said...

Congrats, that's great!!
I looove Adele's album sooo much!

Oh, My Darling said...

200 sales!?? Congrats, lady, that's magnificent!