Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MableMae newness

You all know how much I love working with MableMae, right? Well I do! This last batch of things was so amazing! I just love the bunting coasters and magnets, I might even have to get some for myself. Here is some of the great new things that I got to photograph:

bookmarks! How neat is that? I love the idea of having something other than a scrap piece of paper (my usual choice) as a bookmark. She has some great colors to pick from too.  These are not listed yet, but hopefully soon!

I think these were my favorite. I haven't done any bunting in the house, so I figured these would be a good substitute.

If I still had a cork board, I would totally use these! I love making lists soooo much (yeah, I'm one of THOSE people). This is just a really cute way of managing all those tasks :)  

I hope you like all of these things as much as I do! I especially love the adorable Christmas themed pieces she has in her shop. It makes me SOOOO ready for the season!

If you're interested in a similar photography service, feel free to contact me. I actually just got my own set of lights, so I'm anticipating my turnaround time to decrease significantly. I really enjoy working with other Etsy sellers on getting their product photos, so check this listing out if you're interested!


Wild and Precious said...

all looks awesome girl! way to go.

cb said...

LOVE those book markers! i could use one of those!


chelsea rebecca said...

these bookmarks are too cute! maybe it'll get me to read more! hahah!!

next time you're in nashville you've got to go noshville!! and then stop by next door and i'll hook you up with some free cupcakes girrrrrl!!!