Monday, November 1, 2010

Cincinnati Day 2


Allow me to introduce...Atomic Number Ten! Mom and I ventured out to this vintage store during our second day in Cincinnati. It was a bit of a journey from the hotel, and let's just say we were clutching out purses pretty tight in some of the areas. The long and frightening walk was worth it though! I loved the displays here and there was so much to look at! I ended up getting the top from this post there...and also a ring, which I will post about another time.   They also have a great blog and Etsy shop!

 Cincinnati Kristi is a bit sloppy if I do say so myself. I guess I'm ok with that...I liked feeling comfortable while I was in an unfamiliar place. 

top: vintage via Mouse Trap Vintage
necklace, ring: vintage
pants: Target
shoes: Bass from
purse: clothing swap

After Atomic Number Ten, mom and I were famished, so we found a sushi place near the hotel. I know what you're thinking..."I don't know if I could eat at a place called Mr. Sushi..." but let me assure you, it was exactly like the sushi places I've been to at home! It wasn't anything special, but it was definitely satisfactory. Mom hasn't joined the sushi club yet, so she had noodles...which she said were tasty!

As the sun was setting, we sat by the fountain on the square and had some absolutely heavenly Graeter's ice cream. I've been told it was good, but it was soooooooooooooo much better than I imagined! Better than any ice cream I've ever put in my mouth! (Except maybe Besso's in Henderson...which is also extremely tasty).

I love just sitting outside and enjoying my surroundings, which is exactly what we did. I'm glad mom didn't mind just hanging out...I was so tired from the conference and from all the walking that I didn't want to do much. Overall day 2 was a success: I learned a ton at the conference and had a nice evening with mom!


genevieve, sandbox romance said...

Oh goodness! Looks like such a fun day. LOVE the sushi picture!

Marie said...

Great pictures, you are making me want to travel right now.:D

***** Marie *****

cb said...

look at all those vintage goodies!! i think you look great! love your shoes sweetie! i think i could eat sushi EVERYDAY!


Krystal said...

I can't believe your pics, that looks like an awesome trip!

Anonymous said...

These are great pictures!