Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fall Engagement (Yes, I'm Always Behind)

I shot these back in the Fall, but I was pretty busy back then, so I never got around to blogging them. Matt and Jessica are getting married this June, and I'm so excited to shoot their wedding! Matt and I went to elementary school together, and I was totally on board when he asked me if I could document their big day. It's always fun reconnecting with people from childhood! I actually just booked a wedding with another friend from my childhood church. She even got me going to the gym she goes to!

Jessica had a pretty clear vision of what she wanted, so I tried to capture that for her. I am really pleased with how they turned out! I was hoping for a sunny day to get some great backlighting, but the overcast look ended up being really nice. Looking at these now, I'm really missing the greenery and the warmth. It's just been so frigid out lately!

Matt and Jessica are both very fit and exercise together, so we incorporated that into their shoot. Of course by the time we got to those it was almost too dark, so I had to break out the speedlite. All things considered, I think they're cute :) We tried to get a couple of Kolbie (the dog) running with them, but she was a little too excited about it. I LOVED shooting some with Kolbie though, and I kind of wish all of my couples had pups to use in their engagement sessions. Ever since getting Chipper, I have been 100% obsessed with dogs.

I hope you all enjoyed these shots! I am moving toward only doing weddings and wedding related portraits (engagement, bridal) in the near future, so I'm hoping to really hone my skills in that area. Of course I'll also put focus on product and promotional work, but as there isn't much demand for that around here, it's a secondary focus.

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Lynn said...

LOVE the ones of them working out, I've never seen that before in an engagement shoot.