Thursday, June 7, 2012

With the Sand in My Shoes

Here I present to you: Naples on foot! After breakfast one morning, I decided to go out for a jog and see what I could see. The road that our resort was on runs parallel to the beach with a walkway to the water practically every 10 feet. It was perfect for an out and back with half on the sidewalk and half on the beach!

There were so many cool houses on that strip! I pretty much ran with my head turned to the side the whole time. There was this one house with a gorgeous pond out front with a bridge and lots of little water fountain things. The landscaping around there was so beautiful! I would have taken more of the landscaping, but a lot of them were being worked on and I didn't want to creep on the gardeners.

And here is where the fun begins. I don't know if any of you have run on the sand before, but it ain't easy! It's supposed to be best at low tide, but I had to go while Rhett was in a meeting, which happened to be right after high tide. I was able to run on some mildly packed sand, but it was still pretty shifty. I think my beach running pace was about a 10:30 which is quite a bit slower than my road pace, if that tells you anything. I only ran about a mile of the beach part since it was so tiring! I just kind of fast walked the rest.

This is the pier that Rhett and I tried to walk to the day before. We never made it because it felt like it was never getting closer! Turns out it was about 1.75 miles from where we started. It only looked like about a mile! Isn't that crazy how things look way closer than they really are on the beach? Anyway, I was thrilled to get to run on the beach. Since I'm landlocked in Tennessee, vacation is the only time I'll ever get to do this! It's totally worth waiting for vacations was so much fun. I know it makes no sense because it was actually a hard workout, but I found running on the beach to be very relaxing. I guess it was combination of the breeze, the sound of the water and all the adorable birds.

Have any of you ever run on the beach? How did you like it?


Andrea Badgley said...

I used to live in Naples, Kristi! Wow, your pictures make me miss it :-) That's where our son was born. I love running on the beach, but only on the packed sand. Even that is way harder than running on pavement. I can't believe you can run 10:30 miles on sand. No wonder you're so buff! You look awesome, girlfriend!

cb said...

wow so cool! i feel when we go on bike rides or ride in the in a new neighborhood, my head is always turned to the side to stare at all the houses and pick out my favorite. i have never run on the beach and never plan on it. it is hard enough walking in it and i am sure i would look like a fool trying to run, oh gosh i can picture it bad! gotta think of something else instead! eep! hehehe

i wish i could be by the beach everyday. i miss going to the beach, we haven't gone in about a month, we have just been so busy and now we have the tattoo's an d they can't get soaked... :( i NEED the beach!!

alicia said...

the only way i would ever run is at gunpoint, and even then i probably wouldn't! i don't even want to imagine how hard it is running on sand! AND take pictures at the same time! :O

Melissa Blake said...

thanks for the virtual tour!! I'd love to go there someday!

Dina said...

Just so, so envious right now, haha.

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Bre said...

So pretty. I want to join you, but I warn you, I'm not a runner. I have tried to run on the beach and it's very hard! Glad you kept a good pace, even more glad you shared the pics:-)

his little lady said...

absolutely perfect! what beautiful shots! and you are just gorgeous, girl!
xo TJ

Kristin said...

Just started following your blog & i adore it!
This year I am trying to make my dreams come true.

follow back please & thank you!
<3 kristin