Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Neon Zebra

I think this might be one of my favorite outfits ever. It's not blatantly obvious anymore, but I LOVE bright colors. I used to wear color excessively, but as I've gotten a little older, I've shifted to more subdued tones. For this outfit, though, I brought back the old Kristi and wore a neon pencil skirt. When Margaret and I went to Goodwill a couple of weeks ago, I found this great skirt, and miraculously it fit. Margaret found a similar one, but it was too big :( So unfortunate! I wanted us to be neon twinkies.

This day was one of the only days we've had this winter that was actually cold. It's been an incredibly mild winter, which worries me. I hope we don't end up having a dreadful summer. Since it was so cold, I wore the long Pendleton wool coat that belonged to my great-grandmother. I find it difficult to wear because it's so long. I kind of feel like I'm wearing a blanket, but looking at pictures, I actually like the way it looks. Either way, it's comfortable and warm, both traits that I find important in coats.

shirt- estate sale
skirt- thrifted
leggings, necklace- Express (both very old)
booties- Target

These shoes were a STEAL! $15 at Target. I love them. I couldn't walk around on them for very long, as they aren't very soft inside, but I sit at a desk all day...so it works. I think the height from the shoes helps make the long coat look better. I haven't tried wearing it with flats, but I don't see it looking right. Do any of you have a longer coat like this? How do you usually wear it?

P.S. If you live here in my area (or anywhere that has their primaries today, like me), exercise your rights and GO VOTE TODAY!


cb said...

eep t he skirt is so awesome! i love it!! especially with the zebra print tights! so so cute!

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