Friday, March 9, 2012

H.R.H. Dumplin's

I've found a new benefit to being friends with Margaret. Besides being an outfit photographer and expert thrifting partner, she invited me to accompany her to one of Jackson's favorite local eateries, H.R.H. Dumplin's, for a restaurant review. I haven't been to Dumplin's since I was a wee one, but that's not because it's not good. It's actually a great little place, it's just not the type of place I generally frequent. My boss says it's "frou frou" and I think that's a good way of putting it. The atmosphere is very dainty and simple, and it smells vaguely similar to a school cafeteria. It's a mostly older crowd, but I kind of liked it. You know what older people are? Quiet...and pleasant (most of the time).
 amazing roll and strawberry butter

Dumpin's is mostly known for their desserts. They make amazing cakes for weddings and other special events, and they're pretty much famous around town just for that. I chose an apple dumplin', which was basically a pastry encrusted baked apple with the sweetest caramel sauce I've ever tasted. I couldn't even eat half of it, it was so sweet. But boy oh boy was is delicious! Margaret got the chocolate covered strawberry cake (below). It was ok...I was a much bigger fan of the apple dumplin'. I think the cake was too cold. They keep them in a refrigerator, so it was kind of hard.

shirt, cardigan, jeans: Target
bag: thrifted
shoes: Bass
earrings: It's a Stitch on Etsy
necklace: Dreamy Vintage on Etsy

The little shopping center that Dumplin's is located in is adorable! The spa I go to for massages is there (behind me), so it's got relaxing connotations for me. Even though I wasn't wearing anything particularly special we decided to take outfit pictures. We hadn't made fools enough of ourselves by taking pictures of every food item that hit our table inside, so we trounced around outside too. What else do you expect two bloggers to do when they get together?

 Hey let me frolic through these columns! That won't be weird.

Stepped off into the flower bed so it looks like I'm in a jungle. Can I just say how much I love this cardigan? I LOVE THIS CARDIGAN SO MUCH. It's such a versatile shade of green, and it's the perfect length for me. Sheesh, I just love it. I think it was something like $12 at Target. I do love to buy vintage and handmade when I can, but man does Target have some good sales.

Thank you all for reading my reviews of local restaurants on here. I love to blog about places in town, for all of my local readers, but I know a lot of you don't live around here. I wish I could transport you all here to try these places! Anyway, everyone have a wonderful weekend, and don't forget about losing an our Sunday (except Arizona and Hawaii, you lucky ducks)!


cb said...

i want to eat all that food and look at you look with your wavy hair, you look so beautiful!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Mmm that food looks GOOD. And love your outfit!

Megan said...

Yummmm strawberry butter!

Love your bag and shoes :)