Thursday, March 15, 2012

City Clothing Swap

A couple of weeks ago, Margaret and I wandered down to a fundraiser clothing swap that was held at her church. The event was put on to raise money for a family that is trying to adopt. Entrance to the swap was $10 unless you brought clothes, in which case it was $5. It seemed like there was a good turn out! There were at least 20 or so people there when we were there, and I'm sure more came later. There's nothing I love more than getting to shop without worrying about cost. I just picked up whatever I liked with no worries! I ended up with a cute green dress (which I will blog soon) and a fur vest. I've been looking for a fur vest FOREVER. In fact, I'm sure they're not even in style anymore...that's how long it took me to find one I liked.

Margaret's prairie dress. She better blog this one.

Heather trying on a shirt that Margaret contributed

Margaret actually ended up going home with a few things too, one of them being a shirt dress that I donated! You can see her wearing it in this post. She used it to demonstrate a VERY useful style tip.

Have you guys ever done a clothing swap? It's LOADS of fun. This is my 3rd one to participate in, and I've enjoyed them all. I encourage you all to try it sometime. It doesn't take a lot of work, and it doesn't always have to be a fundraiser. You can just get a group of people together and all bring the clothes you don't wear anymore. You'd be surprised what some people are discarding! I guess it's true that one woman's trash is another woman's new favorite dress...or something like that.


cb said...

i love clothing swamps! this one looks like lots of fun! the last and only one i went to was a bit crazy, so many people and when it opened girls were grabbing everything! nuts! glad you walked away with sometime and a great thing to donate to, too!

Anonymous said...

Clothing swaps are AWESOME. After I finish filtering my closet (with a technique I learned HERE: I'd love to participate in one! We should have a swap party at the end of the year -- I'd love to snag a few things from YOUR closet. ;)

Anonymous said...

THAT is my signature face?! Haha! What a great night, though. So glad I got your fabulous knit dress.

Heidi Adnum said...

What a great idea.

Bre said...

I have always wanted to go to a clothing swap! They just never seem to happen where I live:-(
Can't wait to see your green dress.