Friday, March 16, 2012

In Green

Remember how I posted about the clothing swap yesterday? Well here's the dress I picked up!  Margaret originally had her, but it fit her all kinds of funky (of course it did, she's like 10 sizes smaller than me!) so I tried it on for kicks. I actually liked the way it fit me! I haven't worn this shade of green in a while, even though it used to be my favorite. It's the color of my kitchen...that's how much I used to like it. I don't hate it now, we've just grown apart.

dress- clothing swap
vest- yard sale (from Target)
belt- ?? maybe Target a long time ago ??
sunglasses- Express
earrings- Etsy
shoes- Kohl's (sadly out of stock now)

Things I love: The color, the seam up the middle (which brings focus in and away from hips), the slight flare in the skirt, length, long sleeves.

Things I hate: holy tightness collar (hello, I need to breathe!), too-short sleeves, unlined, and the material makes 80 degree weather feel like I've got the heat of a thousand suns wrapped around me.

Overall, I like the dress. I am going to HAVE to get that collar altered though. I will probably just drop the scoop a couple of inches to ease it up. I may also try to shorten the sleeves slightly and add a lining if that's even possible. I'm so happy I got the dress though! Maybe it will be my first alteration project when I get that far into sewing. Since it was free, I won't cry if I ruin it.


Emma Litton said...

You look so super cute! I've never been to clothing swap, but I bet it's super fun.


Ana McMurry said...

This green is definitely your color, and the style of the dress fits you perefctly, even the collar:-) Love the boots too, you always create fashion like no one else I know:-) (that was a compliment):-)

Krystal said...

green remains my fave color, this was perfect for st. paddy's day, yeah?!

cb said...

the dress is perfect on you plus perfect for st. patty's day too! hehe. good timing? LOVE your boots too!

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

I love the colour on you, it really suits you! Love the vest as well!


first off, 80 degree weather? i'm certainly jealous. it's been freeeeezing in san francisco!

secondly, this color is amazing on you. love how you paired it with a longer vest & boots.