Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Surrounded by Claydies

I think I've mentioned it before, but both of my roommates are clay artists. (claydies=clay ladies...see what I did there?) They are both immensely talented and creative, and I have known them both since the beginnings of their craft. I can tell you it's incredible how far they have come! We have some of their earlier work at the house, and it always stirs a little laughter.

 Marilyn's Art School by Paige | Tea set by Kelsey

This Thursday, they are putting up a joint show at a local University, and I photographed a piece by each of them for the gallery postcard (above). I wish you all lived around here, so you could come to the reception with me on Thursday! I haven't seen most of Kelsey's pots, but she's been working on a gorgeous set of vases that I know will look amazing. Paige just finished up a sculpture last night that I'm curious to see. She's always adding such interesting details to her pieces! I don't see Paige being able to sell her pieces online since they're worth like a grand a piece, but I am working on getting Kelsey started on Etsy! She said after the show would be a good time, so here's hoping :)

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cb said...

i would love to go and support them! their work looks really great! can't wait to see kelsey's pieces!