Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sublime Stitching

A long (long, long, long, long, long, long) time ago, I won another blog giveaway. It's been so long now that I honestly can't remember which blog the giveaway was on. This fact doesn't come as a surprise to people who know me outside of blogging...I have a terrible memory. Anyway, this other giveaway I won was some fun embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching. I had done some embroidery on paper before, but I'd never tried patterns. I was really excited to try it out! I did a couple of designs before I got too busy, but I actually bought several more patterns after I tried out the ones that I won.

The patterns in the first picture are the ones I bought, and the ones already embroidered are some I did with the patterns I won. It was a collection of fun crafty patterns. I love it! I'm planning on displaying these somewhere eventually. I cut the excess fabric and covered the back, now I just have to decide where to hang them. I also need to do some more with my other patterns! I think they'll be fun to use for gifts and cards and such whenever I get the time to sit down and do it again.

Speaking of time, I'll be out of town until next week, and I'm not sure if I'll have internet or not. If I'm not about to post, I'm truly sorry...but I'll be back soon!


cb said...

they turned out so cute! i can't wait to see the ones you do of the sublime stitches, they have such cute designs!


Taj Acosta said...

oh how cute!! I love this! xo

Anonymous said...

wow so beautiful and cute stitches ........

Emma Robertson said...

Aw, these are adorable!


Krystal said...

enjoy your trip! i hope you're going somewhere fun :)