Monday, August 22, 2011

Last Friday Night

I don't think it's a secret that I am a Katy Perry fan. She's silly and fun, so of course I like her! I went to see her a couple of years ago at the Cannery Ballroom, but this time around she's hit it big time and played at the Bridgestone Arena. The other show was standing room only, and I had to plant my feet hard in place in order to not get knocked further from the stage. For this show I had my very own seat! Not only that, it was an aisle seat, so I had plenty of room to jump up and down and dance like no one was watching (because really, no one was).

So...this is what I did last friday night. 

Rachael, Alanna, and me before the show

 Who Am I Living For

 Pearl. This one was jaw-dropping. SO BEAUTIFUL

 Thinking of You

 California Gurls finale! Lots of glitter and some kind of spray
 ...and beach balls

This was quite the production. The whole place smelled like cotton candy, and she had a clever little video story to guide you through the show. It really almost felt like I was watching a really fun play. I feel like we definitely got what we paid for, and more! I was also surprised by how much better she sounds than the last time we saw her. She probably has a little help from back-up tracks, but still...she's improved her live singing a lot. Honestly this was probably the most spectacular show I've ever been to....entertainment-wise.  

ALSO...a public service announcement: if you go to a concert, don't get there super late and don't walk in and out 5 times during the show. You WILL get a little elbow action from your fellow concert goers when you have to climb over them. Thanks!  
this public service announcement has been brought to you by kristimcmurry


Anonymous said...

very nice post and so beautiful pictures of last friday night ...

La Coco Rouge said...

awesome! so much fun... :)

b. said...

oh i am very very envious! i love miss perry (it is my 'in-car' music of choice!)


cb said...

how fun, i am sure she puts on an awesome show! i need to go to a concert soon!