Saturday, August 6, 2011

the boy getting crafty

The other day I went with Rhett to his grandparents' house to hang out. I love going over there, they always have great food and lots of love to go around. Grandparents really are the best :) Anyway, on this particular day Rhett was taking a stab at making his own gun holster. If he is ever going to make anything, the best place to do it is in his granddad's shop. You can find any tool you need in there. I got to watch them make the press, melt the kydex, form it to the gun and put the pieces together. I think he still has to sand the edges to the right shape, but he got a lot of the work done that day.

Aunt Angie, Rhett and Grandad

It was fun watching them make the holster. I don't know anything about making that kind of thing, so I guess I learned something. Isn't the workshop neat? There's so much in there! I think I like it so much because it reminds me of my own granddaddy's tool collection. He would carry everything around with him in his pick-up truck with the camper on the back.

I'm glad to see that my love of crafting is rubbing off on my other half. Next thing you know he'll be sewing on greeting cards with me! Ok...that's a bit of a stretch. Anyway, I have another reason for posting this's Granddad's birthday! If you're reading, happy birthday Granddad :)

I hope you all didn't miss me too much these last few days. I was in Tuscaloosa, AL ,with a group from my work. It was great! I might do a post about it in a few days. We didn't have easy access to internet while we were there, so I spent my time there completely unplugged. It...was...amazing.


alicia said...

oh my god. cutest thing ever. EVER.

cb said...

how fun! i love being in a wood shop, reminds me of college!