Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Market Bags are my new obsession

I have decided to use my own bags when I shop (whenever possible). One reason is pretty obvious: I don't want to be stuck with a ton of plastic bags. Another reason for using my own bags, though, is that it has forced me to be very picky about what I buy, since I only have two bags. I'm saving money, being more conscious of what I buy, and I have less waste! Everybody wins! (Except the people who make the plastic bags)

Check out these great market bags from Etsy. No matter your "style" you can probably find one you love

This adorable Sailor Tote Bag is from BayanHippo
I've been digging on the whole nautical trend lately. It's pretty cute.

Produce Bags! These come from ohlittlerabbit, and she put some block printed fruit on there so you don't forget what to buy.
No collection is complete without some vintage. Vintage Grain Sack from CecilandEdith

Canvas Shopping Totes from limabeanhome. You get two, so you're pretty much set. PLUS they are plain so you can screen print on them if you want.
This is the one that I own! I got one with a red print, but this one is just as adorable. This Rabbit Screen printed Organic Cotton Tote Bag from PocketCarnival is on sale, so if you like it as much as I do, you better get it! I've been using the bag, and I can testify that it is, in fact, durable.

Thanks for listening. Now go buy some market bags, for goodness sakes!


courtney*adele said...

i think your blog is great! market bags are my obsession too... i can't get enough of them!

Kansas_Kate said...

And I thought I was the only one! Thanks for sharing these. You're welcome to see some of my current favorites here:

Now I"m off to Etsy to look at produce bags!

Kiki Polglase said...

Thanks for the selection! Yes, death to plastic shoppers and the awful "free advertising" bags on offer at big stores.

jozen said...

oh why do you tempt me so? i have finally gotten my etsy addiction under control and you show me all these lovely bags!