Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good things happen to good people!

I have an insane amount of love and respect for the people at Shepherd's Haven in the Memphis area. Shepherd's Haven is a ministry for adults with special needs. It was started by a group of parents in 1991, and has grown into quite the organization since then. A few years after starting, they achieved their dream of opening a home for men with special needs. It houses about 8 males and two house parents. AMAZING, right?! Well, here's the best part...they are finally able to build a house for women! They broke ground this month, and pretty soon, the dream will be a reality.

Part of the whole organization is the Day Center, where the participants come during the day to be cared for in a Christian environment. Parts of their daily routine include a Bible study, learning activities, and craft time. In order to fund field trips and other activities, they sell their crafts at various craft shows and on Etsy

All that to say CONGRATULATIONS, guys!!! You earned it!
I hope I can continue to be involved with this organization. I visited last week and here are some pictures from my visit. I was there during craft time.

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Emily said...

I love these pictures! Send them to me and mom please! Love you. :)