Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting my DIY on

I've been looking at these things called yarn wreaths and thinking, "wow...I'd love to have one of those for my front door." Well guess what? I made one! I documented it, so that when my memory finally bites the dust I'll have this little blog to remind me where that crazy yarn thing came from. Enjoy! (and make one yourself, if you feel inclined)

When I'm decorating I tend to go the minimalist route, so I didn't embellish mine very much at all. However you can pile stuff on, and it will still look great! Things needed: a wreath form ($5), Yarn ($6), fake orchids ($3.50) and other embellishments if you want.
First color=done! On to my lovely green yarn. P.S. This yarn is natural bamboo yarn, and it's SOOOO soft.
This probably only took an hour all together...while watching King of the Hill. It's totally do-able on a nice Saturday afternoon.
Add the orchids and BAM! Now our door is like the snooty rich kid in the neighborhood.

I enjoyed making this, and now I feel that my Spring Break has been productive. If you decide to make one, send me pictures!

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