Monday, April 26, 2010

Faire du jardinage

"To do the gardening"

Here's the story:
Abby Ott and I decided at the beginning of the semester that we wanted to do a fashion shoot together. It took over half the semester to get a day when we could get together with the models that we wanted, but it finally happened! I had seen this "abandoned" greenhouse place a while back and thought that would be fun. was in the winter, so now that it's spring there is a business there again. That was just me being dense. But it worked out anyway! I established contact with the owner and he agreed to come after hours to let us shoot. He was SO NICE! It's Long's Landscape Service and Nursery if you ever need some gardening done :) Anyway, it looked like the sky was about to fall the whole time, but it worked out!

*Abby rocks* see her pictures here:

 Me, Margaret, Abby and Haley

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