Monday, June 19, 2017

Jessica & Cooper - Summer Wedding at Crenshaw Farm's Event Barn

Last week, Jessica & Cooper tied the knot on a muggy and sunny Tennessee day. Despite all the sweating, there were lots of smiles and laughs throughout the day!

I arrived at Jessica's parent's house while Blair Whitt was doing hair and makeup for Jessica.

Blair was amazing, as usual. When the ladies were all ready, we stepped outside for some pictures in their embroidered robes, then we headed over to Crenshaw Farm's Event Barn.

This was a new-to-me venue. It was a beautiful setting! That field behind the barn makes a perfect backdrop for a ceremony.

The guys were getting ready in a cabin, and I took a few shots of them.

The girls had their own cabin, so I spent some time with them in there.

This cracks me up. Hopefully Jessica thinks it's funny too! She and her sister Melissa have such a sweet relationship, and clearly have a lot of fun together.

Jessica did a reveal for the rest of her bridesmaids, then had a prayer with them and the mothers.

After this, they went into the barn to get flowers and get ready for pictures. There was a little "oops" with the flowers, and a new bouquet had to be made. The groom's sister in law stepped in a whipped one right up! She was a champ! While they were figuring all that out, I rounded up the guys and took portraits of them.

Their sweet pup, Patches, was the ring bearer. I love him!! Y'all know I love all dogs.

Jessica wanted to exchange letters with Cooper without seeing each other, so we arranged that.

He was trying to feel what her dress was like. Haha!

After this, they went back to their cabins and opened gifts from each other.

Jessica got Cooper a new gun. And he got her some jewelry as well as a framed piece that he put together. It had three frame openings, each with a map in the shape of a heart. There was a map for the place they met, the place they got engaged, and the place they were getting married. It was so creative and sweet!

The guys also had a prayer together.

Soon it was time for the ceremony!

Patches barked during the part where the pastor asks if anyone has a reason they shouldn't get married. It was kind of hilarious...I think Patches misunderstood the question!

They read their own vows, and did a hand blessing ceremony, which is what the handkerchiefs (their grandmothers') below were for.

After the ceremony, we had to get all the photos done as quickly as possible.

A sweet little moment right after the ceremony

Cooper wanted his "ring shot" with the food. I hope this becomes a new trend!

After some mingling, eating and dancing, they did the sparkler exit and the bouquet/garter toss outside.

We also grabbed a few shots in front of the field before all the color was out of the sky. I love the way these turned out!

Congratulations to the Grogers!

Venue: Crenshaw Farm's Event Barn
Floral: Nancy's Carousel of Flowers
Rentals: Eric's Rentals (pews)
Cake: Janice and David Haskins
Hair/Makeup: Blair Whitt from Bravo Hair Gallery

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