Friday, April 3, 2015

Steven & Bri's Beautiful Black & Gold Wedding in Jackson, Tennessee

I met Steven, Bri and Sarah (bridesmaid) at Panera several months back for a consultation. I could tell immediately that I would like Bri! She has such a sweet personality and her smile is completely contagious. I enjoyed getting to hear about her wedding plans, and it was great to see everything come together. She had a very elegant affair in mind with lots of black and gold. They had the brilliant idea to use the sanctuary of the church for both the ceremony and reception, so they set up tables and just had everyone sit at them for the ceremony. It worked out perfectly! The tables with food were in the foyer, so everything was roomy and spread out.

I'm so happy for this lovely couple and the life they're beginning together. Here are some of my favorite shots from their wedding day.

Embarrassing photographer moment: I walked into the room where the guys were to give Steven his ring back. I looked right at him and said, "Where did Steven go?" He had taken his glasses off, and I didn't even recognize him! *facepalm* I felt like a goober.

Bri waiting with her dad and matrons of honor for the ceremony to start. She was so nervous and excited!   


Still nervous and excited! Deep breaths. She was shaking so much, I could see her bouquet shaking! 

I was really hoping all this foliage would be green by wedding day, but it was still not even close. My assistant Kelsey said it looked like some English moors, ha!

I loved this sweet moment between Bri and her mom as they were leaving the reception. These two have a wonderful family!

Congrats again, Bri & Steven. I wish you all the best! 

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