Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meredith and Jeff's Elegant 20s Deco Wedding at The Opera House in Humboldt

When I first booked Meredith & Jeff's wedding, it was scheduled for later this year, but not long after booking they decided to move it up. I certainly don't blame them! The months of being engaged can really drag on. Their engagement session was wonderful, and I could tell from that session that Meredith has style! She told me she was planning a Great Gatsby/20s/deco theme. Her decor had elements of these things and was a perfect bland of glamour and small-town charm. 

One of the most charming things was the guestbook and inspiration for it. Meredith's grandmother has a tablecloth that has been signed by each person that eats around her table. She then embroiders their signature, creating a keepsake that chronicles each special meal with friends and family. Meredith started her own by using a tablecloth as her guestbook, and her grandmother is going to start the embroidery for her. This was such a beautiful part of the wedding! 

I'm still working on the photos, but here's a sneak peek showing lots of the amazing details and moments that made the day so special for these sweet people. It was a privilege to capture this day for Meredith & Jeff! 

Meredith's bouquet really shined! It was stunning. Made by The Ritzy Sister Boutique

I loved the simple centerpieces with flowers and photographs of Meredith and Jeff. This is part of the charm I was talking about :) Just lovely!

The mayor stopped by to say hi! He was at their rehearsal dinner as well. This is one of the perks of small-town life :) Everybody knows everybody.

The biggest smile spread across Jeff's face when he saw Meredith.  

Probably my favorite shot of the day. She's so elegant!

Catering: Tammy Tyler Legions
Cake: L&T Cakery
Bride's Dress: Bridal Warehouse
Tuxes: Prestige

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