Thursday, June 13, 2013

Memorial Doggy Day

This post really only exists for me to share more photos of my dog. He's just s'darn cute! On the Sunday of memorial day weekend, we left him in his crate for a pretty long amount of time while we were at the lake. Since he was put up for so long, we decided to take him with us to my mom's the next day. He didn't know what to think about that long car ride!

Once again, trying to lick the camera. These are all taken with my new 16-35mm lens, by the way! It nearly caused me to go bankrupt, but it's totally worth it :) I'm excited to use it at a wedding this coming weekend. Anyway, so Chipper was kind of hyper and annoying on the car ride to my mom's, but I think he just had a lot of energy to get out. My mom and step-dad have a house in the country with quite a bit of room to walk around, so I let him explore on a really long leash. I'm almost positive he ate some horse poop, so...yeah.

While we had burgers we tied him up on the front porch (beagles cannot be trusted without a fenced in yard). He had a lot of room on his leash, but he kept tangling himself up in the bushes. He's still young, so hopefully he'll get a little smarter. haha! After we ate we sat on the front porch and had watermelon. We gave Chipper quite a bit of it, and he LOVED it! I think he'd eat an entire watermelon if we let him

I had to take a photo of my mom's little gallery. She's probably one of my biggest fans, and it's the best thing ever :) I just love her!

Chipper was pretty tired after all that exploring, so he slept most of the drive home (about 45 minutes). It was the cutest thing ever seeing him cuddled up back there. He can be a real pill sometimes when he's really keyed up, but boy when he's sleeping I could just eat him with a spoon.

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alicia said...

i love chipper and there can never be to many photos of him!